The Ultimate Division l, ll, & lll Coaches Directory 2016 (e-book)


If a college coach doesn’t know who you are how can they recruit you? 

Let me show you how your messages can stand out above all the other messages that college coaches receive.

I’ve written a step-by-step guide on how to contact Division l, ll & lll coaches.

The Ultimate Division l, ll, & lll Coaches Directory will direct you through the initial recruiting confusion and put you on the path to your ideal college student-athlete experience.

Whether you play Basketball or Football or Soccer etc. The Ultimate Division l, ll, & lll Coaches Directory is real and actionable information to jump-start your recruiting journey.


Take a proactive approach to your recruiting journey by contacting coaches today and get on their radar early!

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The Ultimate Division l, ll, & lll Football Coaches Directory


 Parents and student-athletes must understand the importance of initiating contact with college coaches. NCAA rules prevent coaches from contacting student-athletes and families during certain times, but student-athletes and families, on the other hand, can contact coaches at any time, with few exceptions.

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Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!



Robert Herron – NY   April 2016

“After reading ‘The Ultimate Coaches Basketball Directory’ and having played a collegiate sports  years ago, this book provides insight that I wish I had in high school during my own selection process. T. Sutton-Brown provides clear, direct instruction on navigating what can be a difficult (and confusing) time for both student and parents.  As parents, we must become knowledgeable, by asking questions, seeking information, and ask more questions. I would recommend this book to guide you through the recruiting process.”


Sarah Parker – Texas    April 2016

“I wanted to write in to thank you for this incredible book! I was blown away by the info in it, literally every school and contact you could ever need are in it. My son and I were able to sit down with just this book and make our list of which schools and who to talk to at each. I love how easy this made a task that could have been very gruelling.”


H&J Harpell – Florida    April 2016

“We didn’t expect to have a child so gifted in baseball, neither of us play anything let alone know much about the sport. So when our daughter showed amazing talent for the game and then there was talk about college ball, we knew we had to brush up and do it quickly. Thanks to this great eBook we actually had a great grip on what we were walking into and were very instrumental in getting her into the school of her dreams!”


Janice Knight – NJ    May 2016

“We picked up your book to ensure we were covering all the bases.  While we were familiar with some of the topics, we did discover new information as well some helpful insight. I was surprised that you provided info on how to write an intro letter to a coach. Don’t expect  the high school coach to guide you through the recruiting process, that’s not their job.  If your kid is considering playing at the collegiate level, no matter the division or sport, I would recommend this book to help guide you through the process.”